DHD Board Story: Episode 5 - J-Bay Shark Incident

Mick and Darren talk about the Board that Mick was riding during THE SHARK INCIDENT. This was back when Mick was riding a yellow bottom board - he always had success on yellow boards an ultimately painted all of his boards blue after that ("yum yum yellow").

Mick Fanning JBay 2015

After that event, Mick put the board up on the rack as a reminder of how lucky he was.

Darren and Mick Fanning DHD Board Story

Before that incident, Julian Wilson had reached out to Mick asking Mick for mentorship - they had been working together all season. Mick will always have a soft spot for Julian, and talks about how Julian had swam towards him in the water during the shark incident but also checked in on him consistently after.

Mick Fanning JBay 2016

That season, Mick's brother Peter passed away and Mick ended up taking off most of the following season. He went back to J-Bay though, where he ended up injuring his ankle training there. He pushed through the injury and won that event.


DHD Board Story Mick Fanning J-Bay

Filmed by Fabric Films.

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