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The 3DV is a union of performance and volume for the CORE surfer looking to take their surfing to that next level.



Ability — Beginner to Advanced

Ideal Wave Size — 1-6ft


Glassing — Standard (4 x 4 x 4)

Rocker — Flatter in the Tail Rocker with Vee


Concave — Single to Double

Tail — Squash with Reinforced tail patches

Fins — Thruster, 3 Fin *FCS 2 or Futures

Enhanced with a slight VEE running through the tail to initiate turns with less effort and will release more drive from rail to rail surfing.



Length Width Thickness Vol (lt)
5'7(170.2cm) 18 3/4(47.63cm) 2 1/4(5.72cm) 25.5L
5'8(172.7cm) 18 7/8(47.94cm) 2 5/16(5.87cm) 26.5L
5'9(175.3cm) 19(48.26cm) 2 3/8(6.03cm) 28L
5'10(177.8cm) 19 3/8(49.21cm) 2 7/16(6.19cm) 29.5L
5'11(180.3cm) 19 5/8(49.85cm) 2 1/2(6.35cm) 31L
6'0(182.9cm) 19 3/4(50.17cm) 2 1/2(6.35cm) 32L
6'1(185.4cm) 20 1/8(51.12cm) 2 9/16(6.51cm) 33.5L
6'2(188cm) 20 3/8(51.75cm) 2 5/8(6.67cm) 35L
6'3(190.5cm) 20 5/8(52.39cm) 2 11/16(6.83cm) 36.5L
6'4(193cm) 20 3/4(52.71cm) 2 3/4(6.99cm) 38L
6'5(195.6cm) 21(53.34cm) 2 3/4(6.99cm) 39L
6'6(198.1cm) 21 3/8(54.29cm) 2 13/16(7.14cm) 41L
6'8(203.2cm) 21 5/8(54.93cm) 2 7/8(7.30cm) 43.5L

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