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The 3DV is a union of performance and volume for the CORE surfer looking to take your surfing to that next level.



AbilityBeginner to Advanced

Ideal Wave Size — 1-4ft +

Wave Type — All Conditions


Glassing — Epoxy Construction 220 GR BIAX x 4oz / 4oz

Rocker — Flatter in the Tail Rocker with Vee

Concave — Single to Double

Tail — Squash with Reinforced tail patches

Fins — Thruster, 3 Fin *FCS 2 or Futures

Enhanced with a slight VEE running through the tail to initiate turns with less effort and will release more drive from rail to rail surfing.

ボトムコンケーブ VEEテールを水流が​​通過することで、少ない力でターンを開始し出来、レールからレールへのサーフィンにより多くのドライブを解放します。


Length Width Thickness Vol (lt)
5'7(170.2cm) 18 3/4(47.63cm) 2 1/4(5.72cm) 25.5L
5'8(172.7cm) 18 7/8(47.94cm) 2 5/16(5.87cm) 26.5L
5'9 *PRO 18 5/8(47.31cm) 2 1/4(5.72cm) 26L
5'9(175.3cm) 19(48.26cm) 2 3/8(6.03cm) 28L
5'10 *PRO 18 3/4(47.63cm) 2 5/16(5.87cm) 27L
5'10(177.8cm) 19 3/8(49.21cm) 2 7/16(6.19cm) 29.5L
5'11 *PRO 19(48.26cm) 2 3/8(6.03cm) 28L
5'11(180.3cm) 19 5/8(49.85cm) 2 1/2(6.35cm) 31L
6'0 *PRO 19 1/4(48.90cm) 2 7/16(6.19cm) 30L
6'0(182.9cm) 19 3/4(50.17cm) 2 1/2(6.35cm) 32L
6'1(185.4cm) 20 1/8(51.12cm) 2 9/16(6.51cm) 33.5L
6'2(188cm) 20 3/8(51.75cm) 2 5/8(6.67cm) 35L
6'3(190.5cm) 20 5/8(52.39cm) 2 11/16(6.83cm) 36.5L
6'4(193cm) 20 3/4(52.71cm) 2 3/4(6.99cm) 38L
6'5(195.6cm) 21(53.34cm) 2 3/4(6.99cm) 39L
6'6(198.1cm) 21 3/8(54.29cm) 2 13/16(7.14cm) 41L
6'8(203.2cm) 21 5/8(54.93cm) 2 7/8(7.30cm) 43.5L



How do I look after my EPS Epoxy

It is ideal to make sure you take good care of your Epoxy boards to ensure they remain strong and durable. Always do your best to minimize the heat and sunlight your board is exposed to. The excess heat can cause damages.

All repairs must be fixed with an Epoxy Resin.