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Surf the ‘PHOENIX’ 2 to 3 inches shorter and 1 to 3 litres more than your everyday shortboard.

PHOENIXモデルでのサーフィンは、何時も使用しているボードより2~3インチ短く、1~3リッターボリュームを多くして乗る事をお勧めします。何時も使用しているスラスターセットアップでも十分パーフェクトです。しかし、Twin + Stabiliserセットアップする事でリリース性能と新たな運動性能を生み出します。


Ability — Intermediate - Expert

Ideal Wave Size — 1-4ft


Glassing — Epoxy Construction 220 GR BIAX x 4oz / 4oz + Tiger claws over the fins, which improves strength and flex.

Rocker — Flatter entry Rocker

Concave — Single to Double Concave

Rails — Medium to low rail

Carbon — Black Innegera Carbon Strip deck & bottom. White Innegra Carbon Toe Patches.

Tail — Rounded Squash

Fins — Thruster, 3 Fin *FCS 2 or Futures

Fins Options

Your everyday Thruster setup will work perfectly but setup up as Twin + Stabiliser adds some of that extra spark and release.

FCS II AM Twin + Stabiliser

FCS II MR Twin + Stabiliser

Futures AMT Twin + Stabiliser


Length Width Thickness Vol (lt)
5'4(162.6cm) 18 3/4(47.63cm) 2 1/4(5.72cm) 26L
5'5(165.1cm) 19(48.26cm) 2 5/16(5.87cm) 27L
5'6(167.6cm) 19 1/4(48.90cm) 2 5/16(5.87cm) 27.5L
5'6(167.6cm) 19 1/2(49.53cm) 2 3/8(6.03cm) 29L
5'7(170.2cm) 19 5/8(49.85cm) 2 3/8(6.03cm) 30L
5'8(172.7cm) 19 1/2(49.53cm) 2 3/8(6.03cm) 29.5L
5'8(172.7cm) 20(50.80cm) 2 7/16(6.19cm) 31.5L
5'9(175.3cm) 20 1/4(51.44cm) 2 1/2(6.35cm) 33L
5'10(177.8cm) 19 3/4(50.17cm) 2 7/16(6.19cm) 31.5L
5'10(177.8cm) 20 1/2(52.07cm) 2 9/16(6.51cm) 35L
5'11(180.3cm) 21(53.34cm) 2 5/8(6.67cm) 36.5L
6'0(182.9cm) 21 1/4(53.98cm) 2 5/8(6.67cm) 38L
6'1(185.4cm) 21 1/2(54.61cm) 2 11/16(6.83cm) 39.5L
6'2(188cm) 21 3/4(55.25cm) 2 11/16(6.83cm) 41L
6'3(190.5cm) 22(55.88cm) 2 3/4(6.99cm) 43L
6'4(193cm) 22 1/8(56.20cm) 2 3/4(6.99cm) 44L

Tech Details


Flatter entry Rocker

Single to Double Concave

Concave's are used to channel the direction of the water flow under the surfboard towards the fins. They also allow air to get under the surfboard when you are surfing and will increase both its sensitivity and speed.

Medium to Low performance rail



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