DNA Tour Tail, FCS II
DNA Round Tail, FCS II
DNA Tour Tail, Futures
DNA Round Tail, Futures
DNA Tour Tail, FCS II
DNA Round Tail, FCS II
DNA Tour Tail, Futures
DNA Round Tail, Futures


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The ‘DNA’ is Mick’s go to competition board. This board has the exact design and construction that Mick surfs in competition.



Ability — Intermediate - Expert

Ideal Wave Size — 1-6ft


Glassing — Stock (4x4x4)

Rocker — MF Signature Rocker

Concave — Single to Double Concave

Rails — Medium

Carbon — White Carbon Innegra Toe Patches

Tail — New 'Tour Tail' with a slight hip added for more drive

Fins — Thruster, 3 Fin *FCS 2 or Futures

You now have the opportunity to ride what a 3 x World Champion rides.

The Grom sized MF DNA *JNR has the same design and construction that Mick surfs in competition but scaled down to suit.

Caution: These boards are made for high performance surfing.


Length Width Thickness Vol (lt) Details
5'9(175.3cm) 18 9/16(47.15cm) 2 1/4(5.72cm) 25L  
5'10(177.8cm) 18 5/8(47.31cm) 2 1/4(5.72cm) 26L Team Lite (4x4xToe)
5'10(177.8cm) 19(48.26cm) 2 5/16(5.87cm) 27L  
5'10(177.8cm) 19(48.26cm) 2 3/8(6.03cm) 27.5L  
5'11(180.3cm) 18 3/4(47.63cm) 2 5/16(5.87cm) 27.5L Team Lite (4x4xToe)
5'11(180.3cm) 19 1/4(48.90cm) 2 7/16(6.19cm) 30L  
6'0(182.9cm) 19(48.26cm) 2 3/8(6.03cm) 28.5L Team Lite (4x4xToe)
6'0(182.9cm) 19 1/2(49.53cm) 2 1/2(6.35cm) 31L  
6'1(185.4cm) 19 1/8(48.58cm) 2 3/8(6.03cm) 29.5L Team Lite (4x4xToe)
6'1(185.4cm) 19 3/4(50.17cm) 2 9/16(6.51cm) 32.5L  
6'2(188cm) 19 1/4(48.90cm) 2 7/16(6.19cm) 31L  
6'3(190.5cm) 19 3/8(49.21cm) 2 7/16(6.19cm) 32L  
6'4(193cm) 19 1/2(49.53cm) 2 1/2(6.35cm) 33.5L  
6'6(198.1cm) 20 3/4(52.71cm) 2 13/16(7.14cm) 40.5L  

Tech Details

MF Signature Rocker

More rocker equals more manoeuvrability with quicker responsiveness to change direction when waves are powerful and steep making late take offs on hollow waves possible.

Single to Double Concave

Concave's are used to channel the direction of the water flow under the surfboard towards the fins. They also allow air to get under the surfboard when you are surfing and will increase both its sensitivity and speed.

Medium to Low performance rail

Rail feel ......


Shortboard performance outline.

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