MF Twin (Horseshoe Tail)
MF Twin (Horseshoe Tail)
MF Twin (Horseshoe Tail)
MF Twin (Horseshoe Tail)
MF Twin (Horseshoe Tail)
MF Twin (Horseshoe Tail)

MF Twin (Horseshoe Tail)

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The MF Twin developed with more drive, more speed for more conditions.

The MF twin with a horseshoe tail has more rocker, more concave and a straighter tail outline than a traditional twin fin. The design specification deliver Mick's trademark speed, tighter turns in the pocket and more hold through carving turns.

Horseshoe Tailを持つThe MF Twinは、FINをデザインするところから始まった。従来のTWIN FINよりもロッカーが強く、コンケーブが深く、テールアウトラインがストレートに作られています。このボードデザインは、ミックのトレードマークである爆発的なスピード、ポケットでのタイトなターン、カービングターンのホールド性能を提供します


AbilityIntermediate - Expert

Ideal Wave Size — 2-6ft 

Wave Type — All Conditions


Stock Glassing — Deck 4x4oz / Bottom 4oz

Rocker — Medium

Concave — Deep Single to Slight Double Concave

Carbon — Carbon Reinforced Fin's & Tail

Fins — Twin Fin with FCS II or Futures


Length Width Thickness Vol (lt)
5'6(167.6cm) 19 1/4(48.90cm) 2 5/16(5.87cm) 26.8L
5'8(172.7cm) 19 1/2(49.53cm) 2 3/8(6.03cm) 27.8L
5'9(175.3cm) 19 5/8(49.85cm) 2 3/8(6.03cm) 28.4L
5'10(177.8cm) 19 3/4(50.17cm) 2 7/16(6.19cm) 29.8L
5'11(180.3cm) 19 7/8(50.48cm) 2 7/16(6.19cm) 30.4L
6'0(182.9cm) 20(50.80cm) 2 1/2(6.35cm) 31.6L
6'2(188cm) 20 1/4(51.44cm) 2 9/16(6.51cm) 33.7L
6'4(193cm) 20 1/2(52.07cm) 2 5/8(6.67cm) 35.8L
6'6(198.1cm) 20 3/4(52.71cm) 2 11/16(6.83cm) 38.2L
6'8(203.2cm) 20 7/8(53.02cm) 2 3/4(6.99cm) 40.4L

Tech Details


Medium to Full Rocker with deep single concave for extra speed.


Fullish nose into a straight outline with the new Horseshoe tail shape.


Slight single entry concave to deep single with slight double concave into flat on the last 3 inches of tail.

Concave's are used to channel the direction of the water flow under the surfboard towards the fins. They also allow air to get under the surfboard when you are surfing and will increase both its sensitivity and speed.

Rolled Deck to Medium Low Rail